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Amrit Bata Sikhi craft tutorial - How Amrit is made - Kiddie SangatWhat are the ingredients that make Amrit? Do our kids know what bata or patase are? This craft will answer the question “How Amrit is made?” and “What is Amrit Bata?”

It is always a good idea to have real objects with you. Bring a small bata (iron bowl), a small decorative Khanda sword – either one that is used to decorate the dumalla or to be displayed in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, some patase or if you can’t get them – sugar chrystals (mishri). Pass the props around so that the children can have a look and feel them. They could all have a piece of patasa or a sugar chrystal.

You can do this when you are talking about Sikh festival of Vaisakhi, the Birth of the Khalsa, any topic on the Khalsa, Punj Piare or the history of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

To make this Amrit Bata craft you will need:

  • foil
  • small plastic bowl (optional)
  • card
  • large acrylic gems or stickers


  • Cut a square piece of foil and either wrap your bowl in it or fold it into a bowl-like shape
  • Cut out a small khanda shape out of the card and decorate it. We’ve used sticky glitter card khanda shapes that we had left over from Amrit Bata – Vaisakhi cards
  • Stick it on the inside of the bowl
  • Add 5 patase to the bowl. You could use large acrylic gems or stickers. If you don’t have either – cut out shapes from a piece of card and glue them inside your bowl.

Don’t forget to talk about the most special “Magic” ingredient that makes it Amrit, the nectar of immortality, – Bani! Without it you can not make Amrit. For older groups you could talk about which Bani is recited during the preparation of Amrit and more in depth about the Maryada of Amrit Sanchar (Amrit ceremony).

You could do this as a group craft if you take a larger bowl and use small squares of foil that kids need to glue on a bowl.

There are many pictures online related to the birth of the Khalsa. Here’s a link to SikhNet children’s audio story with 4 coloring sheets.

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