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Guru Ji's HawkGuru Gobind Singh Ji is known as “Baaja Vale, Kalgia Vale” (the carrier of the Hawk, the One with a Royal emblem (kalgi) on Their Dastar/Turban). This lesson is looking at the significance of Guru Ji’s Hawk and a hawk/falcon/Baaj in general and it’s representation of the Khalsa. This lesson is aimed at 5+ but could be simplified for the younger children – you could just concentrate on one of the qualities rather than all five.

5 qualities of Guru Ji’s Hawk (Baaj/falcon) that represent the Khalsa

  1. A baaj cannot be enslaved. If placed in a cage, it breaks free. Similarly, Khalsa is free and cannot be shackled by the world.
  2. Independent – a baaj does not rely on another bird to kill and provide it with food. It goes out and hunts on its own. In the same way, Khalsa is an independent body. Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji established ‘Sri Akal Takht Sahib’, as such Sikhs do not need to look towards anyone to obtain justice.
  3. Focused – a baaj flies high in the sky but his focus is on its prey at all times. Despite being in the world, the Khalsa is free of worldly attachments and is focused on the Guru Shabad.
  4. Alert – the baaj is not lazy. It goes out and hunts and is aware of its surroundings. Similarly, the Khalsa is active and is conscious of each and every moment. The Khalsa lives in the present.
  5. Fearless – a baaj is not scared of other predators. It’s free and fearless. Just like that, the Khalsa is not scared of entering the battlefield to fight for justice or to fight the 5 vikaars/chor/thieves (desires, anger, lust, attachment, and ego).

You can expand further on each of the qualities by providing little role play scenarios for the kids to act out.

To make Guru Ji’s Hawk craft you’ll need:

  • print out the Hawk on the card
  • scissors
  • colours
  • split pins


This craft is very simple, the only thing that it might be a little difficult for the younger children to colour in neatly, but it doesn’t have to be coloured in in such a detail and little ones can still enjoy creating Guru Ji’s Hawk.

  • Print out the template – put 2 on A4/letter sheet for a smaller size or one per sheet for a larger size.
  • cut out the body and two wings
  • colour the parts in
  • push a hole with a pencil or any pointy object in both wings and the body part
  • use a split pin to assemble Guru Ji’s Hawk craft

This craft could be also related to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji – martial tradition, and Guru Har Rai jianimals. You could do this for any Khalsa related occasion or any of Guru Gobind Singh Ji‘s gurpurabs.



Here are a couple of other resources with further information on Guru Ji’s Hawk:

http://www.info-sikh.com/PageBaaj.html – detailed information about Indian Hawk/falcon with sakhis (unreferenced)

And a video on 8 reasons why Guru Gobind Singh Ji kept a baaj by Harman Singh (Basics of Sikhi Canada)


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