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Kanga Sikh craft tutorial - Kiddie SangatSo we’ve made a kirpan craft already and here’s a kanga craft. Perfect to make for Vaisakhi or any topic about the 5 K’s, Sikh identity and Khalsa.

To do this Kanga craft you will need:

  • craft sticks or lolly sticks
  • craft matchsticks or wooden matchsticks
  • glue
  • gems/stickers (optional)
  • double-sided tape (optional)


  • Put glue on one side of one of the craft lolly sticks. Use plenty, so that it holds the matchsticks well.
  • Place the matchsticks on the glue side, space them out a bit. You can make a colour pattern or just at random.
  • Take a second lolly stick and put glue on one of the sides.
  • Put the second lolly stick glue side down on the matchsticks. Press hard and let it dry.
  • Alternatively, you could use strong double-sided tape instead of the glue.
  • Decorate the finished kanga with acrylic gems or stickers (optional).

Just make sure kids don’t actually use it to comb their hair šŸ™‚

Doing this craft will give you a great opportunity to talk about the importance of keeping the hair, keeping the hair neat and tidy, covering your head etc. Show your kids kangeĀ (combs) of different sizes, ask them what material is used to make them. You could demonstrate how the Sikhs would comb their hair, tie the hair up in a knot at the top of their head and then put the kanga under the joora (top knot). This is why some of the good kange would have a curved surface – to go neatly on top of your head without causing any discomfort.

A Sikh would use their Kanga twice a day to comb their hair and keep them clean, neat and tidy.

You could tell them the sakhiĀ of Bhai Taru Singh Ji. Here’s a link to an audio story from Sikhnet: Bhai Taru’s life of fearless Love.

See more 5 K’s craft ideas from Kiddie Sangat: 5 K’s little book, Kirpan on a Gatra.

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