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Mop Horse tutorial - Kiddie Sangat craftThis mop horse is more of a playtime idea rather than a craft, but it is so fun to make and play with! We have made ours last year for the celebration of Hola Mohalla and her name is Basanti. She visited Kiddie Sangat playgroup and told children all about the Hola Mohalla traditions and the games that Nihung Singhs play. Don’t be intimidated – although it looks like it might be hard to make it absolutely isn’t.

To make your mop horse you will need:

  • a mop
  • couple of small and a couple of large rubber bands
  • ribbon
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun
  • some sort of string or ribbon or plastic necklace


  • take three strands and make a tight plait
  • make a little loop for the ear and secure it with a small rubber band
  • make a second plait on the opposite side and make the second ear
  • take most of the strands at the front and fold them inwards
  • secure with the large rubber band. You can see now that it already looks like a horse!
  • put the second large rubber band at the top of horses head to secure any loose long strands on the inside
  • use the hot glue gun to add the eyes
  • cut two lengths of a ribbon that will cover the larger rubber bands and secure them with the hot glue gun
  • feed a string, long ribbon or a plastic necklace through the bottom looped part of the horse’s mouth to make reins

And that’s it! This playtime craft idea can be used for dressing up or acting out a sakhi. Here’s a list of some stories from SikhNet that mention horses:

Check out other animal crafts on Kiddie Sangat website.

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