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5 K's little bookThis 5 K’s little book activity is brilliant to engage children of various ages and also teach them meaning and the significance of the Kakkars (Sikh symbols of faith and the attributes of the baptised Sikhs – Khalsa). We have two levels available: for younger children and for those, who could fill in the information on their own (see the top illustration: top – easier, bottom – harder).

This 5 K’s little book activity could be used to compliment your Vaisakhi lesson or a talk about the Khalsa. We have done this activity in central London once and children from various cultural backgrounds enjoyed learning about the Kakkar’s and then having this little book as a keepsake.

To make this 5 K’s little book you will need:

  • print out of the activity (best to print on the A3, otherwise books will come out too tiny if you print on A4)
  • colours
  • glue
  • colour card
  • stickers, glitter pens, glitter glue (all optional)


  • Print out the activity on A3 sheets. Download the 5 K’s little book – easy version or the 5 K’s little book – harder version.
  • Trim the sides and cut each sheet in to 5 long strips.
  • Colour the pictures in.
  • If you’re using the harder version use the lines to fill in the details, facts about the Kakkars.
  • Fold the your strip so each Kakkar faces it’s picture – like concertina. See the image for the details.
  • Glue between the folds on the reverse to make the pages.
  • Cut the card out so it is just a little bigger than your open book. If you have printed on A3 your card should be approximately 8,5cm x 6cm. For A4 sheets it should be approximately 6cm x 4cm.
  • Fold the card cover in half.
  • Glue your little book in to the cover.
  • You can decorate your little book cover using stickers, felt tips, glitter pens or glitter glue.

Final size of the little books when closed: if you have printed on A3 – 4,25cm x 6cm, for A4 – 3cm x 4cm.

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