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Blue Horse tutorialWhat a cute Mommy horse and a baby blue horse. We’ve done this craft for Holla Mohalla – celebrating the Sikh martial tradition in a toddler-friendly way.

To make this Blue Horse you will need:

  • paper plate (use colour ones or plain white)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • yarn, string, tissue paper
  • colours
  • stickers
  • googly eyes


Cut the paper plate in half.

From one of the halfs cut out horse’s head and 4 strips for the legs. Use a pencil to draft an outline first if that makes it easier. You could use ribbed edge of the plate as the mane for the horse’s head and the hoofs.

Glue the head and the legs to the other half of the plate. The colour paper plates had some sort of coating on them which was making it quite hard to glue the parts together. Alternatives here: stapler or sticky tape.

Use glue or tape to attach horse’s tail. It could be made out of yarn, string, tissue paper or even plain paper.

Use colours, googly eyes and stickers to decorate your horses.

This craft could be done when you’re teaching about Guru Gobind Singh Ji, whose nickname was “Nile Ghore de Svaar” – i.e. the Rider of the Blue Horse.

Here’s an interesting post about 5 most famous horses in Sikh history.

You could talk about Holla Mohalla – Sikh martial festival celebrated around mid march. To find out more about Holla Mohalla read this article on SikhiWiki.



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