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Chaar Sahibzaade themed calendarThis Chaar Sahibzaade themed calendar is a perfect activity to commemorate martyrdom of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s sons and make a keepsake for the new year. I have chosen a Chaar Sahibzaade picture, but you can use any other colouring sheet that you like.

To make this Chaar Sahibzaade themed calendar you will need:


  • Print out Chaar Sahibzaade colouring sheet, cut in two and trim the edges to make the picture fit on A5 sheets with a little border. (Please note, that this is a copyrighted image, I have created this colouring sheets for private and non-profit (noncommercial) use only).
  • Colour the image. Pencils or crayons would work better than felt tips here.
  • Glue the image to the top part of the A5 coloured card.
  • Colour in and decorate the top page of the calendar pad (optional).
  • Glue the calendar pad to the bottom part of the card just under the picture.
  • Optional step: decorate with stickers, jewels/gems, glitter pens, cut out and colour one of these 15 Khandas.

This activity could be done in just a couple of minutes with minimal decorations or you could get the children to spend good long while decorating and colouring or adding their own Sikhi themed images to the card.

Other resources on the topic of Chaar Sahibzaade – Sikhnet Audio story with 4 colouring sheets: Young Heros: The Sons of the Guru Never Gave Up!


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