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Chaur Sahib making activity is also one of the Kiddie Sangat favourites.

Tie Ins: Guru Granth Sahib ji’s pehla prakash gurpurab (when Guru Arjan Dev Ji opened the Adi Granth for the first time – The Gurus song) & Gurgaddi (when Guru Gobind Singh Ji made Guru Granth Sahib Ji the eternal Guru). You can talk about Satkaar (respectful attitude) of Guru Granth Sahib ji – rumalas, palki sahib. Significance of Chaur Sahib, why do we do it. If you have access to Gurdwara you could take children to do Chaur Sahib turn by turn either with a real Chaur Sahib or with the ones they’ve made.

There are two instances in Sikh history when the Sikhs were getting shot doing Chaur Sahib seva, but it didn’t stop them. As soon as one would get shot, the next person would take their place doing seva. The first one was in 1922 in Nankana Sahib. Narayan Daas had Singh after Singh shot while they were doing Akhand Paath. The second time it was in Paonta Sahib in 1967 when Baba Nihal Singh Ji of Harianvela got a bullet while protecting Guru Granth Sahib Ji from being fired at. You can do a role play of either these stories. Take a box and cover it with a rumal to represent Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Have kids acting out the story with ‘baddies’ shooting the person who’s doing chaur sahib, falling down and then the next person comes so that seva is still carried out.

chaur-tutYou can talk about how in olden times Chaur Sahib would be made out of peacock feathers.

For this activity you will need:

  • long cardboard tubes (kitchen roll, wrapping paper tube or roll inside the kitchen foil wrap)
  • colourful tissue or crepe paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Optional for decoration:

  • felt tips/crayons,
  • kitchen foil,
  • stickers,
  • acrylic gems.


  1. Decide how long you want your Chaur Sahib to be. Cut the strips of tissue/crepe paper in that length.
  2. Put the strips on top of each other and make long parallel cuts going 90% of the way.
  3. Put glue around the top of your cardboard tube.
  4. Glue the tissue/crepe paper.
  5. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you reach the desired effect. You could use different colours, textures, lengths etc.
  6. You could stop here but if you want, you could decorate further using crayons, felt tips, stickers or kitchen foil. Here is an example with foil and acrylic gem stickers decoration.
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