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Finger Mala Sikhi craft tutorial - Kiddie SangatWe’ve made Malas before and this craft is a variation that might be more appealing to slightly older children. Finger Mala is really easy to make and use. It even could be a part of a goodie bag for a birthday or a Sikhi event that you’re hosting.

Before you start the craft make sure to show children some real Malas (meditation beads). They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, made by using different materials, have a different number of beads etc. I always believe that having props really helps children to connect to the topic and touchy-feely exploration of the objects is an added bonus.

Finger Mala Sikhi craft samples - Kiddie Sangat

Mala props. A traditional Sikh short metal wrist mala, a large bead wooden mala on elastic string, a handmade gemstone mala, handmade cotton mala, a glass beads mala and a finger mala.

To make your Finger Mala you will need:

  • metal rings/ key rings – you can buy them in stationary sections, craft stores or home stores. If you do not have any metal rings – you could use short sections of pipe cleaners to make the finger malas (see your pipe cleaners Mala making craft for details)
  • plastic beads


  • For younger children you might want to give the rings out with one bead already on the ring, so they can just fill the rest.
  • Suggest a colour theme or a pattern to follow (optional)
  • Let the older children find their own way to make their finger mala.

When I did this craft in a group setting for the first time, I was surprised to see that not only children but even some of the parents had no idea how to use a key ring and to open it to put the beads on.

You can tie this activity with talk about Simran, meditation, importance of remembering Vaheguru. You can talk about the connection with the Divine, tell a Sakhi about Guru Teg Bahadur Ji – tie in with the Gurus Song.

Here are some more links to the audio stories on SikhNet that talk about meditation and Simran:



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