Khanda activity step-by-stepThis Khanda activity is a great hands-on way for the children to learn about one of the most popular Sikh symbols.

To run the Khanda activity you will need:

  • props (if you don’t have the actual shastr you could cut them out of the card)
    • 2 kirpans
    • chakkr
    • khanda
    • 2 small kirpans (dumalla shastr)
    • flat kara
    • small khanda (dumalla shastr)
  • Khanda colouring sheets – I have used Khanda colouring page by Little Sikhs
  • colours


  • Start by laying out a big Khanda out of full-sized Chakkr, Khanda and 2 kirpans in front of the children.
  • Discuss all the objects and their properties: chakkr is flat and is worn on the dastaar, khanda sword is sharp on both sides, kirpans are curved and are worn on the gatra by Sikhs, etc. You can pass the objects around (if they are not sharp) for children to see.
  • Pass the set of small props around so the children could try to assemble a Khanda on their own. If you are not sitting at the table, use a piece of card for them to lay it out on.
  • Ask them to colour the Khanda pictures using different colours for each of the components.
  • You could write the words out on a board or print out Khanda labels sheet so that the kids could copy and label the parts of the Khanda in either Punjabi or English.

This activity goes well with the other craft ideas:

Nishaan Sahib – get the kids to draw the Khandas on the orange card
5 K’s little book – get the children to decorate the cover of the book with a Khanda

Possible extension for the older kids: get them to cut out the parts of the Khanda symbol out of the different colour card.