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Khanda Chakkr paper plate Sikhi craft tutorial - Kiddie SangatThis Khanda Chakkr paper plate Sikhi craft is, of course, inspired by Easter bunny ears hats, but our little Bhujangis aren’t just cute and helpless fluffy bunnies – they are the lion cubs! So this craft is most appropriate for the season! They can make them and wear them on their patke or dastars.

To make the Khanda Chakkr you will need:

  • paper plate – check the sizes (they should be able to go on the child’s head)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • colours, stickers, gems etc


  • Fold a paper plate in half
  • With a pencil draw an outline of one side of a khanda sword and go around the rim of the plate to make a chakkr. Make sure that the stem of the Khanda sword is quite wide, so it won’t break off easily.
  • Now you could cut it out and give it to your kids to decorate, or if they are too young you can get them to decorate the plate and then cut out the Khanda.
  • If you are feeling up to it you could try the whole Khanda-chakkr-kirpans (Khanda symbol). It works on the same principal, just requires more cutting.

Photos from one of our Kiddie Sangat sessions where we made this craft:

This craft could accompany a talk about Sikh identity, the meaning behind the Khanda symbol, the importance of shastrs (weapons) in Sikhi or if you are telling the story about the Sahibzaade.

Here are some other Kiddie Sangat crafts related to Khanda.

An audio story from SikhNet on Sahibzade:

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