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kirpan on a gatra craft tutorialThis Kirpan craft is a perfect activity for Vaisakhi or any topic on Khalsa or 5 K’s. It gives you a chance to introduce the concept of a Kirpan to a child from any cultural background.

The kirpan (/kɪərˈpɑːn/; Punjabi: ਕਿਰਪਾਨ kirpān) is a small sword.  It is one of the 5 K’s (symbols of faith). The word kirpan has two roots: the first root is kirpa, which means “mercy”, “grace”, “compassion” or “kindness”; the second root is aanaa, which in turn means “honour”, “grace” or “dignity”. Kirpan on a Gatra craft

It is important to talk about Sikh concept of a Sant Sipahi or “saint-soldier”. Sikhs must be strong and always stand up for what is right. Kirpan is never used for offence – only for defence.

To make this Kirpan on a Gatra craft you will need:

  • Kirpans sheet print-out – 16 kirpans on each page
  • scissors
  • colours
  • ribbon
  • stapler
  • tape (optional)


  • Print out Kirpans templates on a card. If you don’t have thin card that can be printed on, you could print out on paper and then glue it on to a thicker card before cutting them out.
  • Cut out the Kirpans. There are 16 kirpans on each A4 sheet.
  • Decorate the kirpans using colours, stickers, sequins and anything else you like.
  • Cut out a length of ribbon that would go around child’s body from the left hip over the right shoulder and across the back.
  • Staple the kirpan on to the ends of the ribbon. To make it more safe you could then tape over the staples. Alternatively you could use a split pin here, but this will involve making a larger hole in both kirpan and the ribbon ends.
  • Let them proudly wear their kirpans.

This Kirpan craft could go great with any Vaisakhi topic, Punj Piare, talk about Khalsa or Guru Gobind Singh Ji. You could also talk about Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and let children make two kirpans – for Miri & Piri.

Here is a link to the Sikhnet audio stories on the related topics:


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