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Nishaan Sahib A super easy to make Nishaan Sahib activity/craft. Before starting this activity I’ve told children the importance of Nishaan Sahib: the word NISHAAN means symbol, it shows where Gurdwara is, it’s tall so it is easily noticeable and tells people that there is Khalsa and the Guru Ji in the neighbourhood. We have discussed the colours and said that sometimes Nishaan Sahib could be also blue. The tall flagpole is covered in cloth and every Vaisakhi it is changed with a fresh one. You can incorporate the Khanda drawing/labelling activity in this as well.

To make this Nishaan Sahib you will need:

  • A5 orange/blue card
  • drinking straws
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sticky tape
  • felt tips/colours or
  • printout of one of the 15 Khandas page.


  • Cut your card diagonally.
  • Cut out and glue a Khanda on or draw one (older children can try to do this).
  • Use sticky tape to secure the card on to the straw.
  • You can insert straws one into another by squeezing the tip to make a taller Nishaan Sahib.

We’ve decorated one wall in our Kiddie Sangat room with a Nishaan Sahib forest. Kids were really excited to make the tallest possible Nishaan Sahib.

Lesson on the parts of Nishaan Sahib from the Sikhi Resources team.

Here are a couple of links on history of Sikh Battle Standard/Flag: SikhNet, SikhChic & Wikipedia.

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