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Sikh Lollipop puppets tutorial - 5 K's

These Sikh lollipop puppets are a super fun activity, really easy to make for the children, but might require a bit of preparation time for adult. Depending on your group and ages of children and also availability of helpers and/or adults during your sessions you might want to chose to cut everything out in advance or get adults to help you during the class. I’ve done this activity with my 3 & 5 year olds and I had to help them cutting finer detailed pieces. Although if your puppets are bigger it won’t be so hard – we had quite a small wooden lollipop puppets.

You can tie in this activity with different topics. For example these singh & singhnee lollipop puppets were made after a talk about 5 K’s. You can talk about Sikhi saroop, Bana, Dastaars/Keski, Vaisakhi and Khalsa. They could be used for a little puppet show afterwards.

For this activity you will need:

  • Lollipop puppets (available on eBay, in your local crafts shops) – can be wooden, card, foam etc.
  • Sticky foam sheets/foam sheets/felt/card
  • scissors
  • pen/thin felt tip
  • glue (optional depending on the material you’re using for details)
  • googly eyes (optional)


  1. Cut out the shapes for 5 K’s, dastaar/turban/keski, clothes items. I’ve used self adhesive glitter foam sheets (a brilliant buy – seen in Tesco)
  2. Stick/glue the details on to the puppet.
  3. Add facial and any other small details with a pen. If you have them, you could use googly eyes.

Other resources that might fit with this activity:

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