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Sikhi Paper Doll Chain - Kiddie Sangat Sikh craftThere are many different types of Sikhs: some wear big and tall dastaars, some wear patke, some wear chunnis and some have rumals. Some wear cholas and some wear kurta-pajamas. But everybody tries to look their best when they go to the Gurdwara! This Sikhi Paper Doll Chain craft is a perfect activity to highlight the unity amongst Sikhs and importance to be ਨਿਰਵੈਰ – Nirvair – to be without hate and be friends with everybody.

To make this Sikhi Paper Doll Chain you will need:

  • printout of the paper dolls template
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil
  • variety of coloured and/or patterned paper
  • glue
  • some card


  • Print out the template. I have adapted a template from Julia Donaldson’s “The Paper Dolls” book, but you can use any one you like or even draw your own.
  • Trim the paper and fold the sheet in three.
  • Cut on the dotted line around the figures.
  • Print one more page out and now cut out one figure on the solid line – you’ll need it to measure the stencils for the clothes.
  • Put the single figure on a piece of card and trace around it with a pen or pencil.
  • Adjust the lines to make the clothes of your choice. We had churidars, salwar, kurte, chole, dastars, patke, girls hair and plaits, chunnis and gatre. Use some shiny paper to cut out kirpans.
  • Cut inside the lines on the card to make the clothes stencils.
  • Fold coloured/patterned paper strips and using your clothes stencils trace the outlines.
  • Without unfolding the paper strips cut on the lines.
  • You’ll now have a several copies of the same item.
  • Use different colours and patterns and cut out a variety of clothes and items.
  • Let the kids go wild 🙂 and then make the longest Sikhi Paper Doll Chain!

This is such a fun activity although it does require quite a bit of preparation on the adults’ side.

You could talk about the modesty of the Sikh attire and why Guru Ji wanted us to always look decent. You could talk about the Khalsa and the 5 K’s. For the younger children it could be a fun lesson talking about what type of clothes we should wear to the Gurdwara and why. The answer to this is because we’re going to meet our King of Kings, our Guru Ji – Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Also you could cover the topics of Sikh identity, dastar (turban) and long hair, importance of covering your head.

If your little one really enjoys this sort of activities please have a look at other puppet crafts ideas on Kiddie Sangat website.

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