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amritcard-tutThis activity is perfect for around Vaisakhi time. It’s a great way to get the children to understand how Amrit is made. You can tell the Vaisakhi story; have Vaisakhi puppet show or role play. Once your story reaches the point where Guru Ji makes Amrit you could use props: bata, small khanda, real patase. Pass them around for children to have a feel. Demonstrate the process and then you can introduce the idea of the “Magic ingredient” – Bani. Tell the kids that it is Gurbani that makes the Amrit so powerful. Depending on the level of your group you can get the kids to name the Bani that make Amrit.

To make this Vaisakhi card you will need:

  • Some shiny paper or foil. I have used golden wrapping paper.
  • Dark card A5 size.
  • Sticky gitter foam or even metallic card to make Khanda.
  • Glue stick.
  • Star or any other shape stickers.
  • Glitter.
  • Crayons.

If you do not have all the different things I’ve used for making this card (shiny metallic paper, sticky glitter foam sheets) – you can just use colour card.


  1. Cut out the shape of the bata (iron bowl) from the shiny metallic paper or foil.
  2. Glue it in the centre of your card.
  3. Cut out small Khanda (double-edged sword) from the sticky glitter foam or card that you are using.
  4. If it has the sticky back, peel it off and stick it on the side of the bata. Or glue it in place.
  5. Use star stickers inside the bowl to represent the patase (sugar crystals).
  6. Dab some glue on the card outside the bata and sprinkle glitter to represent the “magic ingredient” – Bani.
  7. Finally add description or a message above the bata with a light coloured crayon.

Also listen to this SikhNet audio story: Vaisakhi – Birth of the Khalsa

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